Buying fresh fruits

Buying fresh fruits

Try this method for buying fresh fruits.

With summer coming, it is time to begin thinking about all of the recipes you will want to make with fresh fruits. I love summer because of this. With each fruit that is in season, I have many recipes that I love to make.

The first fruit that usually appears in the summer is strawberries. I just purchased my first quart of strawberries and made a wonderful strawberry shortcake recipe. If you enjoy fresh fruits like this, be cautious what you buy in the grocery stores. The fruits that most grocery stores sell are usually several days old. Not only is this fruit old, you will almost always pay more money. Instead of buying it at a grocery store, look for farmer’s markets or small stands around your town.

In my town, they have a farmer’s market. There are also several farmers that sell their goods around town. You will see a truck in a parking lot with a big sign. The truck might have strawberries for sale, peaches or blueberries. This, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to buy fresh fruits. The fruits are usually very fresh. In fact, in most cases they were picked that very day. The prices are also much better. You will get fresh fruit for a lower price. You can’t beat this.

You should start looking now for stands like this, and start digging out those recipes. Think of all of the wonderful goodies you can make this year with the fresh fruits that you will buy.