Check out discount stores

Check out discount stores

Plan your purchases as a way to make money.

One thing I have learned is that you should never buy certain things at the grocery store. I live in a relatively small town and we have one grocery store. It is locally owned, so therefore it is not associated with a franchise. I have learned that when I buy certain things there, I spend too much money.

The things I am talking about are the common things that people need every day. These are things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap and deodorant. Sometimes there are one or two of these things that I need and since I am at the grocery store, I end up purchasing the items there. The problem is that these items always cost more in a grocery store.

What I try to do to solve this problem is to keep a running list on my refrigerator of these items. If I am almost out of an item, I will put it on my list. I never wait until the item is completely gone, because this is when I tend to overpay for the item. Once a week I take the list to a local discount store and purchase all of the items there. If I have extra money, I will buy several of each item. This is a great way to save money and stocking up is a great way to never run out of the item.

I don’t know how much money I save by doing this, but I know that it is probably a lot of money. It takes a little practice to get into the habit of this, but it really works.