Getting Help with Groceries

Getting Help with Groceries

"Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. "

People I know, both online and off, are losing their jobs left and right. As the economy continues to decline, more and more people need. Taking advantage of several programs can relieve the financial burden of purchasing groceries, so that your available money can be used to pay your rent or mortgage.

First, most counties have a food stamp program that is available through Social Services. If you qualify, you will receive a monthly allowance to purchase groceries. The money is placed on an EBT card that can easily be swiped at any grocery store, and even some smaller shops. Our local Dollar Store even accepts these cards.

Second, if you find that you just miss the cut-off for food stamps, you can visit food pantries in your area once per month. There are no income limits, but the food you get is usually limited to canned goods and boxes that can be stored in their pantry. Turkeys or hams, however, may be distributed on such holidays as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. My church also gives out a $10 gift card so that families can purchase a few products at the grocery store that they were not able to provide, like milk or bread.

Finally, such charities as The Salvation Army, and Catholic Charities provide food to those in need. Some have set dates for collection, and others will prepare you food when you have a need. One Catholic church in my area gives away food weekly to those who need it.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Almost everyone needs help at some point in their life, and most likely you will find that this need is growing exponentially. For example, my church normally has about 30 families that come to their food pantry each month. Last month they had a whopping 87 families.