How do you grocery shop?

How do you grocery shop?

Are you a planner or a last minute person when it comes to buying groceries?

Do you have a regular schedule for grocery shopping or do you find yourself going several times a week because you forget things?

I have weeks of both types of grocery shopping. When I have the time to plan, I find that I only need to go once a week to get the things I need. If I do not take the time to plan, this is when I find myself at the store several times in the same week.

By planning my shopping excursion to my local grocery store, I will make sure that I bring a list. I do not wait until I am ready to shop; I actually begin making my list days in advance. This is the best way to ensure that I have everything on the list that I will need for the whole week.

This benefits me in two ways. The first way is that I save time. By spending a few minutes here and there, preparing a grocery list, I will only have to make one trip to the store. The other benefit is that I save money. If I forget something and I run to the store for that item, do you think that I will go and buy only that one item? Probably not. I will most likely buy additional items that look appealing to me. The result is more money spent.

I am not fond of grocery shopping and I hate running in for only one item, so I will stick with making the time to properly plan my visits.