How to write a grocery list

How to write a grocery list

Never forget anything on your list.

If you have a long grocery list, do you ever forget to buy things on it? This has happened to me so many times, and I am not always good about bringing a pen to cross off the items as I buy them.

This is why I now strategically write out my grocery lists. This is really only necessary for long grocery lists, because short ones are easy to use. The main thing that I do is to write out my list in sections. Because I usually shop at the same store, I am well aware of where almost everything is. I also know the order of the aisles, and this helps me create the perfect list.

The store I shop at has the deli and fresh produce sections first. When I make my list, I keep this is mind. I write the items down in the order of how the store is setup. Any fresh produce I need is always listed first on my list.

The rest of the items I write in categories. For example, if I need five different types of meats, I will list them all together. I will write all of the frozen foods in one section, and I will do this with all of the items.

This is a great way to make sure that you buy everything you need. As you shop, you can cross the items off of your list, but this is not really necessary if you make a grocery list like this.