Saving Money on Atkins Diet Groceries

Saving Money on Atkins Diet Groceries

I recently decided to try the Atkins Diet. I’ve heard some bad things about the program, but actually think it does a great job of teaching you how to eat appropriately. Having said that though, you really need a lot of willpower to stay on the program until you are no longer craving unhealthy foods.

My first hurdle when joining this program was the cost of the Atkins Diet foods that I would like to purchase from the grocery store. I’m not talking about the meats, veggies, etc. that I would normally purchase anyway, I’m talking about the shakes and snack bars. I can’t spend $10 for 4 shakes and $10 for 5 snack bars, or I’d be broke by the second week of the program.

Fortunately, I learned a few short cuts that will save me enough money that I can stay on the program for the long haul. First, you can sign up on the Atkins website for 3 free sample Atkins snack bars, and a batch of coupons to get you started. These coupons can be used at any grocery store that sells the product. Second, watch for the Atkins products to go on sale at the store. I got lucky today and found all of the Atkins products were at least $3 off at my local ShopRite. I was able to use my free coupons at the same time to stock up.

Another trick you can use is to purchase the products in bulk on I have been saving up my gift cards, so I actually won’t have to pay for the Atkins products this time. You can get free Amazon gift cards by using MyPoints when you shop, or through a website like Swagbucks. Amazon sells the Atkins products at an excellent price, but like I said, you are getting the items in bulk so you want to make sure you like the products you pick out before you purchase them.

Note: I recently found success on eBay as well. There are products you can buy directly, but the best deal I found was purchasing coupons that equaled $40 off the Atkins products I like for a total of $2.