Stock up on meats after a holiday

Stock up on meats after a holiday

Save money on meat by purchasing it when it is on sale

I have found that one of the best ways to buy cuts of meat is to stock up after a holiday. The price of meat continues to rise, and I am tired of paying so much for it.

It seems like just a few years ago, the price of ground beef was around $1 a pound when it was on sale. Now I am lucky to pay under $3 a pound for it – on sale! This is outrageous, so I make a habit of stocking up on large cuts of meat after holidays or when they are on sale. This is good for things like hams or turkeys, but it is also true for other meats too.

After Easter I always visit the grocery store to buy hams. Hams are very expensive and you can pay around $20 for a ham before Easter. If you go right after Easter, you can buy the same ham for less than $10. My family loves ham, and I make a lot of things out of the leftover ham. The nice part is that I buy a large ham for around $9, and it is good for three or four meals. We always eat the ham itself the first night. The next night I usually make ham and potato soup, and the night after I make a ham casserole. These meals end up being very inexpensive.

I also do this with turkeys because turkey is great to eat at other times besides Thanksgiving. My family also likes corned beef, so after St. Patrick’s Day I always stock up on these cuts.