Where to Shop for Locally Sourced Groceries

Where to Shop for Locally Sourced Groceries

Would you like to use more locally sourced foods in the meals you cook for your family, but just don't know where to find what you need? Shopping for local ingredients can be a bit of a challenge if you don't know where to look. Here are some tips to help you locate the best locally produced foods in your area.

Farmer's Markets: Don't overlook the obvious. Check out community farmer's markets for locally grown fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and jellies, and locally produced cage-free eggs.

Local Dairies: Do you have any dairies in your area? If so, check them out to see if their products are natural and hormone-free. Many dairies offer home deliver of milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, cream, and other foods.

Gardening and Agriculture Clubs: Make friends with your local gardening clubs and agriculture clubs. Find out if any of your plant-minded pals are growing a surplus of vegetables, fruits, or herbs you might need. Try to set up a food swap at the end of the growing season to share in the surplus of the harvest.

Natural Foods Markets: Grocers who specialize in selling natural, unprocessed foods often carry locally produced items, as well. From locally grown organic apples to an ultra-nutritious bread made by a local bakery, natural foods markets frequently offer a constant variety of the best locally sourced ingredients.

Grocery Stores: Yes, the regular old grocery store also offers locally produced ingredients. Look for juices, produce, nuts, baked goods, and cheeses produced locally. Ask a store manager to show you what is available.

When cooking with local foods, let the natural flavors of your ingredients carry the dish. Don't over spice or over-process your recipes. Enjoying local cuisine, made with local ingredients, is a great way to eat, and it's well worth the extra grocery shopping effort to make it happen!