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How to Avoid Temptation in the Grocery Store

Avoiding temptation in the grocery store can be a challenge. I know that I, for one, often find myself arguing with the potato chips on the snack aisle—and yet, I'm extremely tempted to walk down that particular aisle of temptation and doom, every time I visit the grocery store. This one aisle not only tempts me into eating fattening junk food, but it also tempts my kids into whining for extra treats. The extra costs to health and budget are simply not affordable. I finally realized that walking down the chip aisle was a foolish waste of time and money and a bad choice, health-wise. Sure, it's good to test one's resolve from time to time, but asking for trouble on a regular basis is another matter entirely! I finally learned to overcome my potato chip cravings, just by following two simple rules. Here are the two tips you need to know to help you avoid temptations to your waistline and your wallet.

Plan your Route: Don't just wander the aisles aimlessly, because your unconscious footsteps will likely direct you right toward your junk food of choice. Instead, look at your grocery list and plan a route that avoids temptation. If you need an item that's located near the tempting foods you're trying to avoid, walk fast, grab the item you need, and go.

Get a Better Treat: Just because you don't want to waste money or get fat on junk food doesn't mean you don't still like a treat now and then! If you avoid your major grocery store temptations, reward yourself with a new fruit or exotic fresh vegetable, some flowers from the floral department, or a beauty product from the make-up aisle. Don't let yourself buy the item if you also give in to the junk food—make it one or the other, and you'll be able to make the wiser choice.

If you avoid wandering past your most dangerous and decadent junk foods, and you bribe yourself with a better treat if your resolve stays firm, you too can overcome grocery store temptation!