Conscious Shopping

Conscious Shopping

Recently, I decided to become a little more aware of what was in the foods I was buying.  I started reading labels, and boy was I surprised at some of the results.  For example, did you know that peanuts contain corn syrup solids, or that summer sausage has sugar in it?  I was really appalled at the foods that were making their way into my kids’ mouths, and at the fact that I so blindly believed the things I was buying were okay for them.

It has been proven time and again that we cannot completely trust the food industry when it comes to the health and safety of our food.  Unsavory ingredients are making their way into just about every processed food on the shelf, and we have to take charge of what we bring home. 

I used to believe that if it was in the grocery store, it was relatively safe to eat.  That’s not necessarily true, and more and more these days it is actually becoming false.  We can no longer afford to blindly pick things off the shelves and bring them home.  Our waists are expanding, our health is declining, and I believe it is largely due to the processed foods, even mundane things such as lunch meat, that we have been increasing in our diets.

It is our responsibility to make sure we are eating well, and that starts by reading labels and having a thorough understanding of what each ingredient means.  For instance, sugar comes in many forms, so on the ingredient label, you have to look for more than just “sugar.”

Take initiative and take back control of your health from the companies whose sole purpose is profiting from your hard-earned dollars.  It is time for conscious shopping, and taking care of ourselves.  If not us, who will?