October 2011

Shopping on a budget

Is it possible to spend only a little at the grocery store?

Sometimes it’s hard to buy groceries on a budget. There are pre-made meals like sushi and sandwiches, the fancier wines have prettier labels, and some of the exotic ingredients—like huge, swimming vats of kim chi—seem difficult to ignore. But you know that you have to give up those luxury items for foods that will stock your pantry and keep you dry eyed at the check-out counter. Here are some of the staples that are cheap, adaptable and commonplace enough you’ll know how to use them:

Get Free Grocery Coupons Through MyPoints

"Make sure you check MyPoints list of coupons weekly, as new coupons are added all the time."

I love saving money by utilizing grocery coupons. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a subscription to the Sunday paper, where most of the coupons for my grocery stores are located. Instead, I found a neat website called MyPoints that is totally free to join and use. After registration, individuals can browse, and print coupons in a matter of minutes.

Load Coupons on Your Safeway Club Card

Cut back dramatically on printing and clipping (and save time, too!)

Tired of clipping coupons and struggling with dozens of flimsy pieces of paper?  Me too, so I was very pleased to discover that Safeway offers the ability to load electronic coupons right onto your club card.  Several sites offer compatible coupons, and redeeming them is as simple as swiping your club card, which you already do, right?  Anything you buy that is eligible for the coupon discount will automatically be discounted when you check out.  I just love it when things are this simple.

To get started, visit the following sites for eligible coupons:

Have an Android Phone? Get The Coupons App

One of the easiest ways to save money when you go grocery shopping is to use coupons.  In the past, that meant elaborate organization systems, folders and files for every category, and often dozens of coupons to sort through at checkout.

All of that headache can go out the door now, thanks to The Coupons App for Android.  The Coupons App allows you to carry your coupons with you on your phone.  They can be redeemed at checkout just like a paper coupon, all without juggling myriad slips of paper.  Simply show your phone to the cashier for a scan and you can be on your way.

Use STL Mommy for All Your Couponing Needs

Whether you are into extreme couponing or you just want to save a bit of money on your groceries this week, you should definitely check out STL Mommy, especially if you are in the St. Louis area. From freebies to drugstore finds, coupons to restaurant deals and cash back offers, it’s got pretty much whatever you need to save some cash. The site also features various giveaways you can enter to win.