February 2012

Keep a Thrift Store List

It seems as if I come up with something else I want to shop for at the thrift store every day, especially during spring when my mind is filled with the projects and organization I want to accomplish for the year.  There is no way to keep everything straight, so when I get to the store, I can never remember everything I am supposed to look for.  For that reason, I finally wised up and started a list that I can take with me to thrift stores and yard sales.

Make Meals Out of the 10 for $10 Items

Just for fun I decided to give myself a little bit of a challenge this week. I wondered if it was possible to eat all three daily meals, plus a snack out of just the items in the grocery store that were listed as 10 for $10. I believe this mission was a success.

First, I must start out by saying that most grocery stores do not really require you to purchase 10 items in order to get each item for $1. I guess it is just easier to have each item automatically ring up for $1. If you aren’t sure what your store’s policy is, feel free to stop by customer service first and ask.

If You Must Buy Bottled Water

With so much concern about water safety in our country, and issues such as fluoride being forced into our city water systems, there are times when you simply cannot trust your own water to safely hydrate your family.  In those cases, you need to either filter or purchase your water.  If filtering is not an option for whatever reason, buying bottled water is the way to go, but it can be extremely expensive, not to mention create a lot of waste.

ShopRite Family Rewards Program

I recently became aware that ShopRite had begun a family rewards program. I’m not sure how long it had been available before I found out about it, but long enough that I had enough points to exchange for $4.00 off of my next shopping trip.

The first thing you need to do in order to benefit from these rewards is to sign up for a PricePlus card. This is totally free and will save you money on many of your groceries as well. The email address and the password you use with your PricePlus card are the same ones you will need to access the family rewards.

Envirosax Reusable Bags

I am a big fan of reusable bags.  We used to get those clunky things that you can buy for a dollar at the grocery store, but they don’t fold up, don’t last long and are really quite ugly.  It can be hard to justify spending several dollars on a reusable bag, but when they look as cool and hold as much as the Envirosax, along with folding up so neatly, the decision becomes much easier.

Free Organic Basil Seeds

YoKids by Stonyfield Organic is sponsoring the Lorax Game. The Lorax is a new movie that is coming out in theaters in March 2012. It is based on the book written by Dr. Seuss. Since the Lorax speaks for the trees, he wants all children to learn how to take good care of the environment, and this includes planting seeds.

Parents and teachers can head to the YoKids yogurt website to obtain a packet of free organic basil seeds from the Lorax. Simply click on the button that says “Register.” A form will appear that you must fill out. Type in your first and last name, email address, and state. Then check the box that says “Yes! Send me my seeds and coupons.” In addition to the organic basil seeds, the company plans to send you a few coupons to use on their YoKids yogurts.

The Return of Root Cellars

On the way to the nearest city, there is an old root cellar on the side of the road.  Apparently, the highway cut right through this property at some point, but the old cellar still stands.  It is cut into a side hill and finished off with large stones and a real wooden door.  I always stare longingly at it, wishing we had our own root cellar to store fresh fruit and vegetables.

Save Money on Reduced for Quick Sale Items

Every grocery store I have ever been to has a reduced for quick sale item rack. I have found many treasures among these items that have saved me money. Of course, it is always essential that you check the expiration date to be sure that you can consume the food before it expires.

Some grocery stores place the reduced for quick sale items out of the way, so it may be hard to locate them. Just ask an employee if you can’t find them on your own. My local Acme market has the items back by the public restrooms. Not only have a found food items in these bins, but also other useful products as well. For example, I was able to get 10 large containers of bubbles for the children in my daughter’s special needs class for $.10 a piece. That is a savings of $.90 a piece.