June 2012

Safeway's Just For U Program

It really works (unlike their previous "digital coupon" programs).

Years ago when store discount program cards were first introduced, we were promised a fully customized shopping experience. That was the trade-off: you allow the store to see and track every item you purchase (by swiping your card) and in exchange they would give you coupons and discounts tailored for your specific shopping patterns. No more clipping coupons! Just your Club Card!
Well, a few months after they launched the Club Card, they went back to coupons. No one on the outside really knows why, but it fueled the conspiracy theorists who believed the Club Card was just about identity tracking all along, and that Safeway was just using the promise of coupons to lure unwary shoppers into their grasp.
Finally, about two decades later, that day has finally come!